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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is one of the most beautiful zoos located in Powell, Ohio, in the proximity of Columbus. The zoo first opened in 1927, having an area of 580 acres. No less than 9000 animals are homed by the zoo, representing more than 793 species. There are numerous exhibits that can be visited in Columbus Zoo. Below you can read more about three of the most important ones. They are African Forest, Shores Asia Quest and North America.

1. African Forest

The African Forest region first opened in 2000. In this part of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium you will be able to see numerous primates, hooved mammals, as well as large cats and numerous bird species. The African Forest also houses pygmy chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas.

Some of the most impressive animals here include:

  • Angola Colobus;
  • African Grey Parrot;
  • African Leopard;
  • Western Lowland Gorilla;
  • Red River Hog;
  • Bonobo;
  • Mandrill;
  • Okapi;
  • Black Duiker.


2. Asia Quest

Asia Quest is one of the most important regions you can visit within Columbus Zoo. The exhibit area first opened in 2006. Numerous people visit it every year, actually being one of the most popular regions of the zoo. Some of the most impressive species displayed here are listed below:

  • Tufted Deer;
  • White-Naped Crane;
  • Water Monitor;
  • Reticulated Python;
  • Little Golden-Mantled Flying Fox;
  • Large Flying Fox;
  • Red Panda;
  • Golden Pheasant;
  • Pallas’s Cat;
  • Amur Tiger;
  • African Lion.


3. North America

North America is one of the largest and oldest exhibit areas within Columbus Zoo. It includes no less than 13 large exhibits, as well as a wetlands area and a 10,000 square feet migratory songbird aviary with more than 40 species. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a train ride when visiting this beautiful exhibit area. Some of the most popular species here include:

  • Black-Tailed Prairie Dog;
  • Timber Wolf;
  • Mexican Wolf;
  • Grizzly Bear;
  • Wolverine;
  • Bobcat;
  • Cougar;
  • American Bison;
  • Bald Eagle.


Naturally, there are numerous other species of animals you can visit in Columbus Zoo. There is no wonder after all that the zoo is visited by thousands of people, each year.

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